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ding productions has created more than fifty unique shows, some of which are represented below. Each original show has been created for corporate events, festivals and/or touring. ding's corporate shows include five minute spectacular floorshows which open an event to twenty minute headline acts. ding also creates full length stage productions for festivals and ticketed events. All shows are available for performances around Australia.

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A 3D digital innovation where installations are brought to life in a presentation of dance and motion..... more details

Journey into a fantastic world of cirque-pop-dance-acro like no other. Funhouse combines the unique music from Cirque du Soleil with pop and rock to create a visual extravaganza of circus and dance that ignites the stage....... more details

Queen and Led Zeppelin classics stripped bare and acoustic in this stunning showcase of British Rock. Unique rock cabaret....... more details

Seductive illusion, live music and soaring vocals merge with burlesque and dance in a thrilling feast for the senses. ILLURE draws you in to a spectacular world of fiction and escape.
..... more details

This sci-fi fantasy is brought to life with a spectacular orchestral soundtrack and a visual feast of futuristic characters and outstanding costumes. The performance features reptilian aliens, luna queen, space age fashionistas and a Gaga-esque pop diva..... more details

A well dressed foreman enters stage appropriately attired in a safety vest. He addresses the audience as if to begin a safety induction, but soon after invites an accompanist and his colleagues to stage to present a brilliant vocal performance..... more details

“The Mayflower Club” is a sizzling floorshow set in an illicit club during the time of prohibition. Starring a charismatic club host and leading vocalists with performances of "All that Jazz" , "Sing Sing Sing"..... more details

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