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Captivating. Sensual. Empowering. Seductive. A mass of gorgeous bodies fill the stage costumed in iconic Parisienne style lingerie detailed in striking black and white.

Sarah Lloyde leads this fantastic burlesque floorshow with breathtaking vocals and moves to match. The performance features outstanding, commercial choreography by stunning professional dancers. The scene is stylised as a live show that would headline a high end cabaret or burlesque club. The outcome is both sensational and memorable.


show format
Eight minute show performed by a troupe of 6-10 female dancers with Sarah Lloyde.  Includes wooden cafe chairs as props.

songs include
"Show Me How You Burlesque"

production credits
created and directed by - Jo Casson
costuming - Sally Newman and Jo Casson
choreography - Angela Carr and Carla Centofanti
produced by - ding