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Culinary Cabaret

Mouth watering voices present a deliciously entertaining show incorporating a pre-dinner hoax and a range of lip-smacking classics! Simply scrumptious! 

A Maitre-d approaches the lectern following entrée and announces to the unsuspecting audience that the evening's entertainment has been delayed. He cleverly pulls together an impromptu floorshow involving a waitress and a larger than life chef. 

The cast work the crowd with quick wit and stunning voices having interacted with guests dressed as members of staff during food and beverage service from the start of the event.

 "Culinary Cabaret" presents a mix of music theatre, disco and opera including amazing renditions of "Phantom of the Opera", "Don't Leave Me This Way", "The Prayer" and "My Way". 


“Thank you so much for helping to make our launch event a huge success! You have such a wonderful and talented cast of professionals!” 
Paula Sanchez, Canberra Exhibition Centre

“The crowd absolutely loved it and the show was fantastic - very entertaining. The cast were very professional and their interaction with guests before the show was excellent.”
Robert Taylor, Kooyonga Golf Club

“An amazing, impressive performance full of many surprises for the audience. Hilariously funny and extremely entertaining without compromising their professionalism. We would highly recommend Culinary Cabaret!!”
Drakes Supermarkets


Standard Format
20 minute vocal performance following a pre-dinner hoax involving chef, waitress and maitre-d. 

song list
Song list includes:
“Phantom of the Opera”
“Don't Leave Me This Way”
"The Prayer"
"Pop diva medley"
"My Way"

production credits
co-created by - Jo Casson and Libby O'Donovan
vocal arrangements - Libby O'Donovan
produced by - ding