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The performance begins with six talented characters entertaining us with eclectic personalities and outstanding tap performances. The scene unfolds with rhythmic newspapers, bike bells and whistles incorporating playful interactions with cast and audience.

We are then introduced to our final energetic character who enters from the back of the room whistling to secure the audience attention. He belts out a short percussive riff and so begins a lively performance of call and response interplay, boisterous dance and fun. The troupe evolves to create complex rhythms on a wide range of unexpected props. The result is a high energy, totally unique performance bursting with colour and creativity.

The colourful costumes are retro, recycled and create a sense of joy and energy which is irresistible. The show builds with precise acapella rhythms and concludes with a sensational, high powered swing routine that will have audiences enthralled.

show format
The performance includes two five minute scenes with simple set change. Includes seven dance artists and percussionists.

production credits
created and directed by - Jo Casson
costumes - Jamie Jewell
choreography - Martine Quigley
produced by - ding