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Luna Fantasy

This sci-fi fantasy is brought to life with a spectacular orchestral soundtrack and a visual feast of futuristic characters and outstanding costumes. The performance features reptilian aliens, luna queen, space age fashionistas and a Gaga-esque pop diva.

Audiences will be riveted by this dramatic floorshow, uniquely created with a blend of live voice and dynamic live percussion performing alongside breathtaking aerialists and contemporary / pop dance artists.

Song List
"Space Oddity" - David Bowie
"Unstoppable" - E.S. Posthumus
"Diva Dance" - The Fifth Element
"Born This Way" - Lady Gaga

Productions Credits
Created and Directed by - Jo Casson
Costuming - Jamie Jewell
Choreography - Martine Quigley
Aerialist Choreography - Craig Hryhorec
Face Painting - Katrina Spark
Produced by - ding