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Out of Africa

As the sun begins to rise the haunting vocal sounds of Africa fill the room emanating from six tribal folk ruled by their powerful, majestic leader.

Atop a rocky outcrop, the tribe is traditionally dressed with large neck details and head pieces in the colours of an African landscape including azure, burnt orange and fire red woven with natural grasses and feathers. 

The tribe welcomes the native animals as they slowly cross the grasslands, moving through and interacting with the crowd to finally appear on stage. The tribe continues their joyful and harmonic songs as they move slowly from the rocky outcrop down to the plains (downstage).

The floorshow concludes as the dancers return to stage and present an energetic, tribal dance combination incorporating seductive partner work, dynamic leaps and frenzied African tribal moves. 

standard format
Six vocalists plus six dancers in a 14 minute floorshow or six dancers to rove the crowd with African masks followed by a four minute floorshow (dancers only)

Song list
“Circle of Life”
“One by One”
“African Drug”
"The Lioness Hunt"

production credits
created and directed by - Jo Casson
costuming - Tania Prosdocimo
choreography - Becci Schembri
vocal direction - Libby O'Donovan
produced by - ding