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Pirate Attack
Cannons explode as a large group of roaring pirates enter the room with swords raised and voices cheering. Excitement and energy await the guests as gorgeous dancers (male and female) scatter gold chocolate coins across tables, pretend to steal from guests and create general chaos and revelry as cast make their way to stage.

The scene continues on stage with a short fight/dance scene and, as the scene draws to an end, the pirates bring the event MC to stage hooded with hands tied releasing him at the lectern to begin proceedings. 

The Pirate Medley
High energy mischief fills the stage as these wayward pirates and their Pirate King present a medley of fabulous, well loved music from Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance”. The show incorporates modern costuming in keeping with characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) combined with sassy ‘girl pirates’ to create a contemporary look mixed with shenanigans and classic pirate songs.

standard format
Troupe of 10-15 professional dancers and music theatre performers.
Opening Pirate Attack 5 minutes
Gilbert and Sullivan Pirate Medley 10 minutes

song list
Pirate Attack includes:
Theme from "Pirates of the Caribbean"
The Pirate Medley includes:
"I am a Pirate King"
"Pour oh Pour the Pirate Sherry"
"With Cat Like Tread"

production credits
created and directed by - Jo Casson
costuming - Tania Prosdocimo
choreography - Barabara Komazec and Jo Casson
produced by - ding